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10 Examples of What Not to Wear to a Photoshoot

Outfits and accessories can really make or break a photoshoot. They have the power to set the tone of the photos, show off your personality, and really make your photos look special. But sometimes, outfits and accessories can become distracting or even come off as sloppy or unprofessional. So today, I'm sharing 10 examples of what not to wear to a photoshoot. And while none of these outfits or accessories are per se "bad", I think you'll agree that they may not be the best choices for photos. Take a look at my picks and advice below to learn more about what not to wear to a photos.

Too Many Accessories

(image credit: Pinterest)

Wearing a couple great accessories can really make an outfit, but wearing too much can be extremely distracting. I recommend sticking with 2-3 pieces as anything more can look overdone. And remember, accessories can be anything from hats to belts and jewelry.

Strong Patterns

(image credit: Pinterest)

Don't get me wrong—I love patterned attire. But having too strong of or too many patterns in your outfit can look awkward on camera. If you decided to wear a pattern, I recommend keeping it simple. Think subtle polka dots, stripes, or florals. I also recommend keeping only one piece of your outfit patterned, whether it be your top, bottoms, or shoes.

Colors That Blend In Too Much With the Background

(image credit: Instagram)

Take note of the location where your photoshoot will take place in order to avoid having your outfit blend in with the background. For example, while there is nothing wrong with the above outfit in general, it blends in much too much with the trees and grass in the background. You really only notice her hair and shoulders in this particular shot.


(image credit: Thefashionisto)

Clothing that sports logos can also be distracting, and may also make the photoshoot seem too casual. So unless you're having photos taken to actually show off the logo clothing, I recommend staying away from them.

Dressing Too Trendy / A Style You're Not Comfortable With

(image credit: Carriebradshawlied)

Again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the outfit above. In fact it's extremely stylish! But because it's so trendy, I want to point out that the style might not be for everyone. I always recommend that you dress in a style you're comfortable in. So if you loving rocking wide leg pants, then go ahead and wear them to the shoot! But if you're only wearing them to try and look trendy in your photos, you may regret the look later.

Uncoordinated Fashion / Fashion That Matches Too Much  

(image credit: Google)

When having a group photoshoot, it's always important to coordinate your outfits. That being said, you also don't want to overdue it. The example above is a bit extreme, but notice that the exact-matching outfits are a bit much. Instead, try wearing outfits in the same color scheme, but not the exact same color or pattern. For example, you can all wear neutral colors. Or everyone can wear a a slightly different shade of blue. Also, be sure to make sure everyone in the group wears the same "style"—meaning you all wear something casual or semi-formal.

Too Loose of Clothing

(image credit: Etsy)

Trust me, I'm all about wearing baggy clothing around the house, but for photoshoots it can come off as sloppy or unflattering. And while I'm not suggesting you wear clothing that's too tight, I do recommend wearing clothing that it fitted. That way you'll love how flattering your outfit looks in the photos.

Too Much Makeup

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Unless you're having photos taken to show off the makeup itself, I suggest keeping your makeup as natural as possible. Trust me when I say that a little goes a long way! As too much can be very distracting or unflattering.

See-Through / Sheer Clothing

(image credit: Pinterest)

Before committing to an outfit, I always suggest checking to make sure it's not see through. Sheer tops may be trending, but if this isn't the look you're going for, you may be very unhappy and/or embarrassed to receive your photos and see that your undergarments are visible. Wear your outfit in natural light before hand and ask a friend or relative to make sure nothing is see through. Also be aware that the right undergarments make all the difference.

Chipped Nail Polish

(image credit: Pinterest)

Chipped nail polish can look sloppy, and depending on the color, can really stand out in photos. If you plan on having painted nails, then my suggestion is to paint your nails the day before the photoshoot and top with a clear coat. That way you'll be sure to have nails in pristine condition.

I hope these examples have given you some guidance about what not to wear to a photoshoot and have also helped you decide what style may be the best alternative for you.

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