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10 Easy Poses to Strike When you Blank at Your Photoshoot

Posing in front of the camera doesn’t come naturally to everyone, but by figuring out what poses you feel best in, you’re sure to love how your photos turn out. So to help you get more comfortable, I’m sharing 10 easy poses to strike. Whether you plan to practice these beforehand, or just keep them in mind in case you blank at your photoshoot, this list is full of natural, easy poses that anybody can rock. Take a look at my list below for some easy ideas.

1) Cross Your Ankles

(image credit: Photographypla)

A cute way to switch up your look is to cross your ankles. Whether standing or sitting, this gives your look a little more personality and still looks professional, too.

2) Look Back

(image credit: Pinterest)

For a fun look, try turning your body away from the camera (slightly angled is best) and then looking back.

3) Fold Your Arms

(image credit: Sarawelchphotography)

Whether you want this photo to be serious or fun, folding your arms is a classic pose for photographs. It’s even a great look for professional headshots.

4) Lean Against Something

(image credit: Pinterest)

A great way to relax your body is to lean against something. Of course this can be anything from the back of a chair, to a wall, or a car. And depending on what you choose, this can add a lot of personality to your photos, bringing in texture, color, and theming.

5) Put Your Hands In Your Pocket

(image credit: Pinterest)

Both a casual and professional pose, sticking your hands in your pockets makes for a great look. Switch up the look by using your jacket pockets and the front and back pockets of your pants. And remember, you can also opt for using both or only one of your hands.

6) Turn To The Side

(image credit: Pinterest)

By turning to the side, you’ll give off a more natural, relaxed vibe. And honestly, you’ll probably like the look much more than a straight on shot which can be a bit awkward at times. Test out how much to turn your head and body in the mirror to find an angle you like best.

7) Get Playful

(image credit: Deerpearlflowers)

If you’re taking photos with another person, get playful! This can be anything from stealing a kiss to tickling each other or jumping on each other’s backs. Make your main goal to have fun by being yourselves, and the beautiful photos will come naturally.

8) Rest Your Chin

(image credit: Cindyswansonphotography)

For an elegant look, try resting your chin in your hand. You can do this no matter how your body is angled, but it works best if you can have your elbow resting on something such as a table or even your knee.

9) Twirl

(image credit: Pinterest)

Another playful, on-the-go pose to try is twirling, especially if you’re wearing a dress or skirt. Let the fabrics flow, put on a smile, and you’re sure to get some stunning photos.

10) Crouch Down

(image credit: Pinterest)

Last but not least, another great, casual pose is to crouch down. To complete the look, try leaning your arms on your knees or clasping your hands together.

I hope this list has given you some inspiration for your upcoming photoshoot. Try a few of them out in the mirror to see what you feel most comfortable in, and remember—the best way to get comfortable in your own skin is to relax! As your photographer, I’m here to help you have fun and can’t wait to capture that amazing smile of yours on camera.

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I can’t wait to meet you and to help you create the perfect photoshoot.

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