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Blessing others is by far one of my biggest passions. Helping and giving to others fills my heart, so I do my best to give back to the community as much as I can. One way that I give back, is by providing free photoshoots. Not only does this give my new clients the opportunity to get to know me personally and learn more about my photography style, it also gives them the chance to experience a professional photoshoot. That’s something that many never get to experience in their life.

justin too creations, couples photoshoot, couples photography, engagement photography, anniversary photography
justin too creations, engagement photography, anniversary photography, couples photography, couples photoshoot

I truly believe that photography is a blessing because it’s a way to capture the people, places, events, and everything in between that mean the most to you. And whether these photos are intended for your coffee table, mantle, or as a gift, every moment captured turns into a special visual memory. We all have a story to tell, and by providing free photoshoots, I know that I’m helping others tell a beautiful visual story.

justin too creations, adobe lightroom, lightroom features, lightroom before and after

Professional photoshoots are more than worth it. Not only do you have a professional behind the camera (allowing everyone in your group to be hands-free), you also have a professional behind the desk. Professional photographers like myself know exactly how to make your photos look all the more beautiful using programs such as Adobe Lightroom to brighten, focus, and “heal” your photos so that they look their absolute best. I’m also able to help with poses, find your best angles, and walk you through the photoshoot every step of the way.

justin too creations

To make your free photoshoot even more special, I recommend shooting in one of your favorite or must-see locations. Whether you decided to do a family session in your own backyard or an engagement shoot in a place you’ve always wanted to go, having a location that’s special to you makes the experience all the more exciting and meaningful. And because you’re in a special location, why not make an experience out of your whole day? Aside from posing for photos, go out and explore, try new things, or spend the rest of your day doing your favorite hobby. Make a day out of it.


justin too creations

To me, the number one reason why photography is important is because every stage of life matters and so do the events and people involved. Photography is a way of capturing our past, present, and even our future. Our heritage, our style, and our personalities. We all have different things that are important to us, and capturing our favorite parts of life, our milestones, and our accomplishments is a way of documenting our lives—not only for us to look back on, but to share with future generations, too.

(image credit: Pexels)

(image credit: Pexels)

Every day, there’s a part of life to celebrate. Whether it’s authentic memories such as laughing with your kids or singing to your grandpa on his birthday, or an epic moment such as getting engaged or graduating high school. Authentic memories (<LINK ONCE AVAILABLE>) and epic moments are the parts of life we long to remember, and you can by making sure you take plenty of photographs.


There are so many moments worth capturing—moments to share with others and always remember. Below I’ve listed out some of the most special moments in life. Moments you’ll be glad were captured on film. For even more ideas, check out 7 Occasions For Spring Photos.


graduation photography, senior portrait, justin too creations, graduation photoshoot

A photoshoot for graduates is the perfect way to celebrate and acknowledge their hard work, dedication, and accomplishments. And there are plenty of ways to make the photos extra special and catered to them. For some of my favorite ideas, take a look at my blog post, Celebrate Your Graduate, Now and Forever.


justin too creations, engagement photography, proposal photography, engagement photoshoot, proposal photoshoot

Taking engagement photos is a special way to celebrate your love, and to celebrate the new adventure you’re about to endure. These photos can be taken for your home, your wedding invitations, your engagement announcement, or even as a way to document the actual proposal itself. And to make the photos even more special you may want to consider props, a color palette, or your best attire. For some of my best ideas for sprucing up photography, check out a few of my latest blog posts—Brighten Your Photos With These Spring Color Palettes and How to Bring Extra to Your Next Photoshoot.


justin too creations, wedding photography, wedding vow photography
justin too creations, wedding photo, bride and groom kissing

Without a doubt, you’re going to want plenty of photos of your wedding day. From your first look to your first dance, every moment of this milestone event is worth capturing and so is every last detail—such as flowers, your dress, and even your wedding favors.


justin too creations, family photography, family photoshoot

A family photoshoot makes such a great gift for the entire family. And is especially perfect for an occasion such as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. But honestly, you don’t need a special occasion to take family photos because celebrating and documenting the time spent with our family is always worth doing. For a little family photo inspiration, take a look at these blog posts—10 Fun Ideas for Spring Photoshoots and 5 Fun Ideas for Mother’s Day.


justin too creations, kid photography, child photography

Children give us so much more joy then we ever thought possible. Their smiles, laughter, and wild imaginations are more than enough reasons to take photos, and I love to help capture some of your children’s most special first moments. Whether you’re looking to take photos for their birthday, a holiday, or just because, a photoshoot of your little one is something you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. For a dose of inspiration, take a look at my blog post—Making A Big Deal Out Of Your Little Baby.  

Sign up for one of my upcoming photoshoots, or feel free to contact me for a custom booking. And remember, I am more than happy to do a free photoshoot with you. That way we can get to know each other and you can be sure that you’re getting the best of service. I can’t wait to meet you and to capture the moments you’re most looking forward to remembering.

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