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How to Bring "Extra" to Your Next Photoshoot

I love how bloggers, Instagrammers, business owners, and other influencers alike show off their personalities through photography. It’s through their images that we really get to know their style and join them on their personal journeys. I don’t know about you, but I love to look to social media influencers for inspiration on travel, fashion, recipes, and more. And these influencers have a knack for making their photos appealing through color, accessories, props, and other extras.

(image credit: Fallfordiy)

If you’re looking to create a photoshoot as stylish as your favorite influencers, then all you need are a few “extra” special additions. Depending on the aesthetic you’re going for, you may want to include props, accessories, or solely rely on dressing up in your best attire. You can even make a day out of your photoshoot—dressing up with friends, taking photos together, and going out for more fun after. Just remember, be you and be who you want to be. Be confident in yourself and your style choices and you’ll be so happy with your photos. Take a look at some of my recommendations below for photoshoot extras.


womens fashion, womens red outfit, red plaid outfit, photoshoot extras

(image credit: Pexels)

Color coordinated fashion is an easy photoshoot extra that will give your images a nice boost. When outfits and photos in general are color coordinated, they have an extra appealing aesthetic. So you’re sure to draw in a lot of attention when your photos have a certain “colored” look. You may also consider coordinating your outfits with the location you plan on shooting. For example if you plan on taking photos in an area with red flowers, then the red outfit above would be a beautiful choice.


flowers in hair, hair accessories, photoshoot extras

(image credit: Oncewed)

Nature is perhaps the easiest way to bring an extra bit of magic to your photo shoot. Offering us a variety of colors and textures, nature is one of the best “photo props” around. Depending on the look you’re going for, it’s easily to elevate your photos with blooming flowers, colorful leaves, rolling hills, and the cool blue of the ocean. Try adding flowers to your hair, letting waves crash down on you, or jumping in a pile of autumn leaves.


stylish accessories, black hat, mens fashion, photoshoot extras

(image credit: Pexels)

Accessories can make all the difference in our outfit choices, which is exactly what makes them a perfect addition to photos. Consider sparkling jewelry, hats, bow ties, gloves, sunglasses, and more. Depending on the season and overall aesthetic you’re going for, a couple of accessories can give you the exact look you want.


coffee photography, photoshoot extras

(image credit: Mastinstudio)

Whether you’re looking to take fashion forward photos, or something with a simple or sporty aesthetic, handheld props as your photoshoot extras can help turn a photo into any look you want. For example, if you’re a beauty blogger, consider holding a bottle of perfume or a bottle of your favorite skin cream. If you’re a coffee artist and are looking to take high end photos for your website, considering posing with mugs, coffee grounds, and any special toppings.

Creating the photoshoot of your dreams is so much easier than you think, and I can’t wait to help make your personality shine through the camera. Be sure to check out the details of my upcoming monthly mini-sessions, or feel free to contact me for a custom booking. I can’t wait to meet you!

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