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10 Fun Ideas For Spring Photoshoots

Putting together a photo session catered to spring is so much easier than you think and a task that I can’t wait to get started on. With my spring photoshoots right around the corner, I loved the thought of sharing 10 fun ideas for spring photoshoots—brought to life by pieces of attire, fruits and veggies, furry friends, and more. To get inspired, take a look at 10 of my top picks below.


(Image credit in order: Pexels, Burnettsboards, Pinterest)

Spring is a season to enjoy plenty of fresh foods, and it just so happens that these foods make for beautiful photo additions. Envision the bright green and pink of watermelon and the stunning contrast of orange and green that comes from carrots. Take advantage of this natural beauty by capturing moments of your children biting into fresh fruit, you and your fiance picking oranges, or your entire family enjoying the local farmers market. No matter what angle you choose, you’ll love the colors and textures that fresh foods add to your photos.


(Image credit in order: Pexels, Popsugar, Pexels)

For an especially fun spring photo session, why not dress up your child in an adorable costume. Maybe your child is currently all about superheroes, or has a love for an animal, sport or other activity. The possibilities for costumes are truly endless, and will easily help create an unforgettable photoshoot full of shots you’ll always cherish.


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Remember how magical it felt to be surrounded by bubbles as a child? That feeling never really goes away which is why I encourage you to include bubbles in your next photoshoot no matter what your age may be. You can take photos blowing bubbles yourself or even opt for a bubble gun to create a stunning background. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed with the iridescent colors and whimsical feel that bubbles provide.  


(Image credit in order: Sewtrendyaccessories, Itsalwaysautumn, Pexels)

Balloons are an easy way to turn any photo session into a whimsical experience. And because there is such a variety of balloons available, it’s easy to choose colors and designs that cater to the look you’re going for. Some ideas that come to mind include blue or pink balloons for a gender reveal, number-shaped balloons for an anniversary, or character-shaped balloons for a special birthday session.


(Image credit in order: Brittneyowensphotography, Pinterest, Boredpanda)

Disney is known for making magic, and by incorporating a dose of that magic into your session, you’ll without a doubt create fairytale-like photos. To make the magic come to life, consider wearing a costume, including a quote, or even simple props such as a glass slipper or magic lamp. And remember, you’re never too old for Disney. Use this theme to take photos of your kids, engagement photos, or to create a magical day for the entire family.


(Image credit in order: Pexels, Ideastand, Orangeturtleblog)

Thanks to Easter, bunnies are perhaps one of the most iconic aspects of spring. Inspired by the Easter Bunny himself, we can’t help but love photos that include these little cotton-tailed friends, and think you and your kids will love the ideas just as much as we do. But not to worry if you don’t have a bunny on hand. Your photos will be as equally adorable with faux bunny ears and cotton tails or even bunny-patterned-attire.


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A floppy sun hat is a playful piece that adds personality to any outfit. And because they pair so beautifully with sun dresses and other warm weather attire, I thought what better time to embrace this accessory than spring. A pretty accessory for all ages, sun hats are a perfect photo extra for children, families, and even fashion bloggers.


(Image credit in order: Inspiredbythis, Pexels, Pexels)

Without a doubt, fresh flowers are one of the best aspects of spring. And lucky for us, flowers can easily spruce up any photo session. With a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, you can choose flowers based on your desired color palette or enjoy a combination of colors by embracing all the different flowers that come along with the season. So whether you see yourself frolicking in a field of daisies, sporting a flower crown, or holding a freshly-filled basket of tulips, spring is the perfect season to pose with your favorite blooms.


(Image credit in order: Pinterest, Jamiesoloriophotography, Pexels)

We all know the saying—April showers bring May flowers, and embracing the rain that comes with the season makes for such a fun photo session. You may see rain as a no-go for photos, but with a few essentials you can easily keep the session going and get amazing photos out of it, too. Our favorite recommendation? Rain boots. Not only do they keep your feet dry, they also have fun colors, patterns, and allow for plenty of puddle jumping.


(Image credit in order: Thelittleumbrella, Pexels, Pexels)

Stuffed animals are some of our children’s most special friends, so why not embrace that friendship with a photo session? Capturing the love and fun that your child has with their plush friend is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, as our children seem to grow up all too fast. For the photos, consider setting up a play area such as a tea party or picnic. Or opt for asking your child to tell their friend a story or to play a board game together. You’ll love the moments captured in this most precious time.

I hope I’ve given you the inspiration you need to make your spring photos some of your favorite keepsakes. Feel free to sign up for one of my upcoming monthly mini-sessions or contact me for a custom booking. I can’t wait to meet you and capture the memories you’re most looking forward to remembering this year!

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