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33 Must-Have Wedding Photos: Photos Included!

Every smile, tear, hug, and kiss are special moments worth capturing at your wedding. And all the details that go into making your day extra special are worth capturing too. Think flowers, table settings, favors, and more.

Before the wedding, we believe it’s important to come up with a list of photography musts. That way, you can ensure that your photographer is dedicating time to your top photo priorities. And whether you have some planned poses in mind, or are hoping for a collection of candid photos, today we're here to share some of our top photos to put on your list.

Planned poses can be anything from raising champagne glasses with your bridesmaids to showing off your beautiful wedding shoes. While candid poses are informal, often taken without the subject’s knowledge—which often times, captures some of the most powerful emotions. Think a father seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time, or guest’s laughing at the best man’s speech. All of the moments that happen throughout the day are so special and we look forward to capturing this most special day in your life. Take a look at our list of top photos to have taken at your wedding below to get inspired.

1 - Getting Ready With Mom

(image credit: Theknot)

Be sure to have a photo of mom, grandma, or your aunt helping you get ready—whether it’s zipping up your dress or putting on your veil.

2 - Getting Ready With Bridesmaids

(image credit: Theknot)

Often times, bridesmaids have a little “party” of their own before the wedding. Be sure to photograph you all sipping mimosas, having your hair done, or wearing your matching robes.

3 - The Bride's and Bridesmaid's Dresses

(image credit: Stylemepretty)

Before you put them on, get a shot of the wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses. I suggest hanging them to really show off the shapes and colors.

4 - The Groom Getting Ready With Groomsmen

(image credit: Pinterest)

The groom and his groomsmen get ready together too—so get a shot of your best man fixing your bow tie or the group tying their shoes together.

5 - The Bride's First Look With Dad

(image credit: Weddingshoppeinc)

A picture of a father seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time says more words then I could ever put to paper.

6 - The First Look Between the Bride and Groom

(image credit: Instagram)

Again, a photo can say so much. And the moment when a bride and groom see each other for the first time is a moment that I believe can only be described with a photograph.

7 - The Engagement/Wedding Rings

(image credit: Stylemepretty)

Be sure to ask for a photo the captures the beauty of your engagement and wedding rings.

8 - The Groom's Outfit

(image credit: Stylemepretty)

Most may focus on the bride’s style, but remember—just as many details go into a groom’s outfit! From the color of his suit, to shoes, cufflinks, and other accessories, it’s important to snap some photos of his style, too.

9 - The Groom and Groomsmen

(image credit: Bridalore)

The groom and his groomsmen will love looking back on photos of them together on the wedding day. Putting on your best outfits and being with your best friends is so much fun!

10 - The Bride and Bridesmaids

(image credit: Brides)

Again, getting dressed up with your best friends is always a fun occasion, and the bride and her bridesmaids will love looking back on this amazing day together.

11 - The Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

(image credit: Stylemepretty)

Ring bearers and flower girls are another addition to the bridal party you’ll want to be sure get photographed. Kids grow up so fast, and I guarantee that photos of them dressed up and participating in the wedding will become some of your favorites.

12 - All of the Bridal Party Together

(image credit: Stylemepretty)

I definitely recommend taking photos of the entire bridal party together. It’s all your favorite people in one photograph, and whether posed or candid, is sure to be so much fun.

13 - A Portrait of the Bride in Her Dress

(image credit: Rebeccalongphotography)

A portrait of the bride in her wedding dress is a must. It captures all of her beauty, and the most beautiful dress on the biggest day of her life.

14 - The Bride's Veil

(image credit: Elizabethannedesigns)

If you’re wearing a veil, you’ll want to be sure to get some detailed photos of it. Often times veils have the smallest, most beautiful details that shouldn’t go unnoticed.

15 - The Bride and Groom's Shoes

(image credit: Glamour)

Shoes and socks are a fun way to show off your style and personality! Be sure to get a shot of these most fun accessories.

16 - The Bride's Hair and Makeup Details

(image credit: Oncewed)

You’ll be so happy to have photos of your wedding hair and makeup—showcasing just how beautiful you were on your wedding day!

17 - The Bride and Bridesmaid's Bouquets

(image credit: Inspiredbythis)

Bouquets and boutonnieres are a special accessory to your wardrobe, so be sure to get some pictures of the pretty blooms.

18 - The Ceremony and Reception Spaces

(image credit: Pinterest)

Get detailed shots of your ceremony and reception places to show off the natural beauty of the location as well as the added decorations to make the space uniquely yours.

19 - The Bride Making Her Entrance

(image credit: Ashleyfisherphotography)

There’s nothing like seeing the bride for the first time. Be sure to have the moment she walks down the aisle photographed.

20 - The Groom's Reaction to His Bride

(image credit: Myweddingguides)

A groom’s face says it all as he sees his wife-to-be walk down the aisle.

21 - The First Kiss as Husband and Wife

(image credit: Brides)

The first kiss as husband and wife is a very special moment and you’ll be so happy that it gets captured with a photo.

22 - Family Photos

(image credit: Brides)

Mom, dad, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents...the list goes on and on for family members! Be sure to get photographs of you and your family together on this most special day.

23 - The Bride and Groom's Entrance to the Reception

(image credit: Ashleyfisherphotography)

Whether you have a planned dance for your entrance, or come through the door pumping fists or giving kisses, candid shots of your entrance to the reception always make for fun photos.

24 - The Escort Table

(image credit: Stylemepretty)

Any pretty displays—like your escort card table—deserve their own photographs.

25 - The Bride and Groom Cutting the Cake

(image credit: CauseWeCanEvents)

Whether simple or elaborate, wedding cakes are a great way to make a statement at your wedding. Be sure to get some photos of your wedding cake alone, as well as the bride and groom cutting into the cake, too.

26 - Wedding Speeches

(image credit: Pinterest)

Wedding speeches make for amazing candid photos. You’ll love having the emotions captured—whether it be smiles, tears, or laughter.

27 - Wedding Toasts

Raised glasses and smiling faces also make for beautiful candid photos.

28 - The Bride and Groom's First Dance

(image credit: Deerpearlflowers)

Whether a coordinated salsa or an “in-the-moment” slow dance, the first dance as husband and wife is a special moment worth documenting.

29 - The Mother/Son Dance & Father/Daughter Dance

(image credit: Weddingpartyapp)

A mother-son and father-daughter dance is sure to bring on a wave of happy emotions. Be sure to ask to have this special moment captured.

30 - Musical Performers

(image credit: Stylemepretty)

If you have musical performers at your wedding, be sure to ask for photos of them playing.

31 - The Wedding Favors

(image credit: Etsy)

Wedding favors are not only a small token of gratitude toward your wedding guests, but also a great way to show off your personality as a couple. Be sure to get a photo of the special item you choose.

32 - The Bride and Groom Making Their Exit

(image credit: Crateandbarrel)

A bride and groom’s exit can be simple or elaborate—elevated with bubbles, streamers, rice, and more. A special exit like this always calls for photos.

33 - The Bride and Groom's Getaway

(image credit: Pinterest)

A bride and groom’s getaway also calls for photos. Whether you decide to take off on a motorcycle, in a vintage car, or even a bicycle, be sure to ask for your photographer to capture this last moment on your wedding day.

We hope this list has given you guidance as well as inspired you to make a list of your own must-have wedding day photos. I'm looking forward to working together and ensuring that all the special moments and details from your wedding are forever preserved.

Always feel free to contact us so we can further discuss your wants for the big day, pricing, and any questions you may have. And in the meantime, get inspired with a few more of my blog posts such as  "The Number 1 Reason for a Photoshoot" and "Authentic Memories & Epic Moments".

We am thrilled to be a part of your big day, and can't wait to meet you and capture your love story.

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