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Brighten Your Photos With These Spring Color Palettes

One of my favorite aspects of spring are all the pretty colors that come along with it.

Envision the fresh green grass, clear blue skies, puffy white clouds, and blooming flowers in just about every hue imaginable. Spring provides us with a much needed dose of color after winter, which is why capturing the beauty of all the different palettes is one of my very favorite parts of spring photography. It just makes the world seem fresh and alive again.

So I’ve pulled together a collection of beautiful spring color palettes as well as outfit ideas energized by these palettes to help you get inspired for your upcoming spring photoshoot. Take a look at my picks below, and get ready for a spring photoshoot full of all your favorite colors.

(image credit: Caraloren)


With just the right amount of color, neutrals simply have something about them that to me, says simple, clean, classic, and refreshing. While some may see neutrals as “boring”, I can’t help but love their qualities and am drawn to how they can balance out just about any photo. When you think about it, they’re the starting point to most everything. A few of my favorite neutrals for spring include cream, blush, light gray, and the softest butter yellow.

(image credit: Galmeetsglam)

As far as neutral outfits for spring, there are a few pieces in mind that really stand out to me this season, including classic white and cream dresses, a playful blush romper, and stylish tan wedges.


While I have no complaints with the color black, when it comes to spring, I feel that any “dark” hue should have more color to it. Which is why I recommend navy. It’s a deep color that that reminds me of luxury and elegance. And because it’s a shade of blue, it pairs with just about everything. For spring, I especially love navy mixed with light blue, light gray, neutrals, and peach. It’s the perfect mix of the “classic” light colors of spring and a masculine blue.

(image credit: Snippetandink)

For this color palette, I envision attire including navy or tan slacks, pale blue seersucker shirts, and a dose of peach or orange in a bow tie or suspenders. Pair with brown shoes and you have a look that’s both dressy and casual.


Nothing says spring like pastels—some of the most common being light and bright shades of pink, purple, green, yellow, and blue. These pastel colors instantly remind me of Easter eggs as well as tulips and other blooming flowers. Pastels make for an especially “spring-inspired” palette—instantly showing off what season we’re in.

(image credit: Kirstenpetersonphotography)

For attire, you can’t go wrong with pastel dresses, shoes, and accessories. Especially cute on little ones, I envision collared dresses and shirts, flats and sandals, as well as headbands, bows, and sun hats.


There’s a blue for every mood and personality, and for spring I love a combo of light and bright shades. It reminds me of the clear spring sky, swimming pools, and that calm feeling I get when relaxing outside on a spring day. Green is another color I can’t get enough of. Fresh and inviting, green is the ultimate color of nature, reminding me of rolling hills, flower stems, and pretty moss fresh on the ground. And lucky for us, blues and greens pair perfectly.

(image credit: Houseofjadeinteriorsblog)

Blues and greens mix together so perfectly, that you really can’t go wrong when pairing. Try a blue-green plaid button up, bow ties, or a colorful shoe. And because it’s spring, try pairing with tan or gray bottoms.

I hope I’ve given you the inspiration to make your own spring photoshoot bright and gorgeous with beautiful hues from my favorite spring color palettes.

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