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Candid Wedding Photos vs. Posed Wedding Photos & Which is Best

When it comes to wedding photography, there are an endless amount of moments and details worth capturing. From the posed shots you’ve always wanted (such as a full family portrait and you and your bridesmaids showing off your bouquets) to the candid moments you never even knew you’d want to be captured (such you and your new husband/wife sneaking a kiss during your first dance or the emotional look on your dad’s face as he walks you down the aisle), every moment tells a story.

So to give you a closer look at candid and posed photos, I’ve pulled together a selection of photos and have written a few notes about why each is special. And to answer that pesky question in the title “which is best”—the truth is, there is no best answer. My recommendation is to make a list of all the posed (and maybe even candid) photos you want to make sure are taken, and leave the rest to me. Just enjoy every moment of your wedding and I promise to capture these precious moments on your wedding day.


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There will be plenty of candid moments worth capturing with your new husband/wife. The tears in your eyes as you say “I do”, the smiles on your faces during your first dance, and the laughs you share at the sweetheart table. Your wedding day will fly by, so be sure to enjoy every moment you have together.

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Something I especially love about candid photography is that the emotions in the photo are real. Really, really, real. When you hug your mom, see yourself all glammed up for the first time, or hear your brother’s speech, the emotions will pour out. And you’ll be so happy to have them captured.

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Candid photos also turn “standard” photos into unique ones. For example, of course you’ll want photos of you saying your vows—but by having your photographer shoot from all angles throughout the ceremony, you’ll find that the photos show details and emotions in a whole new way.


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When it comes to posed photos, the possibilities are truly endless. And by having a list handy ahead of time, you’re sure to capture every moment you definitely wanted captured. Some of my favorite posed photos are the comedic ones—such as the kids covering the eyes at the sight of a kiss above. Other examples include the groom showing off his new ring to his groomsmen, or the bridal party in their goofiest dance poses.

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There are also a lot of opportunities for uniquely styled photos. For example, we see the brides reflection in the mirror above. Don’t be afraid to ask for some individual “beauty shots” as you’ll be feel more beautiful than ever before on your wedding day.

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You may also want posed photos with your family and friends. With you all looking spruced up and happy, this is the perfect opportunity to get some unforgettable photos together. For example, ask for photos of the bridal party getting ready together, the newlyweds and parents together, or the ring bearer and flower girls holding hands.

For more photography ideas, be sure to check out my post: 33 Must-Have Wedding Photos. And for more inspiration, be sure to read Authentic Memories & Epic Moments and Free photoshoots by Justin Too Creations.

I hope I’ve inspired you for your upcoming wedding and can’t wait to give you the photos of your dreams. For more details on pricing and more, feel free to contact me any time. I look forward to meeting you.

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