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Celebrate Your Graduate With a Graduation Photoshoot

When the time comes to celebrate your soon-to-be graduate’s years of hard work and dedication, a graduation photoshoot is most definitely in order. No matter if they are graduating from high school, college, or even junior high, it’s important to make a big deal out of your graduate’s achievements.

Maybe your graduate is the first generation to finish college in your family, or had been struggling with grades but ultimately conquered their classes. And even if they had a perfectly smooth ride through school, you should always show how proud you are of them for working through dozens of classes, endless nights of homework, and plenty of tests.

Siddiqi Graduation

Planning a special photoshoot for your graduate is a perfect way to show how proud of and excited you are for them. Plus, graduation photoshoots make a perfect gift for them and the perfect gift for you too—giving you both the opportunity to reminisce on this most special time. And whether you’re looking to have these photos published in the yearbook, printed for graduation announcements, or to be framed above your mantel, capturing these moments is the perfect way to share the achievement with generations to come as well as keep your graduate “close” even after they’ve gone off to a new job or college. To make the photoshoot extra special, take a look at a few of the following fun ideas to celebrate their graduation.


You can’t think about confetti without thinking “celebration” which is why it’s a great addition for graduation photos. Try throwing confetti in the air, blowing confetti toward the camera, or even laying in a sea of confetti. You’ll love how it adds a dose of color and fun to the photos.

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Champagne is another thing that instantly reminds me of the word “celebration”, and luckily, it looks pretty good in photos too. Plus, there are quite a few ways champagne can be used as a photo prop. A few ideas that come to mind include having the graduate drink out of a bottle of champagne, saying “cheers” with a glass of champagne, or the most fun of all—popping open a new bottle to create a beautiful celebratory spray.

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Many students play sports for their high school and college teams, so taking senior portraits in your uniform is a great way to celebrate your time spent as a student athlete. You may also opt for staying in more “dressy” attire while holding onto sports gear such as a football, cleats, or a tennis racket. You may also want to consider having the photoshoot on the field, court, etc.

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Using books as photo props is such a cute idea for senior portraits. Whether you want to show your love of literature or simply resemble all your hard days of studying, books are an easy prop to elevate photos. Plus, books add fun pops of both color and texture.

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For a lot of us, high school or college is the time when we get our first cars—and that in itself is something to celebrate! So including this milestone purchase in your graduation photos makes for extra special memories.


Outfits have a way of taking us back in time and remembering special moments in our lives—which is why I love the idea of having an outfit lineup in your graduation photos. Think newborn pajamas, a tutu from your third grade recital, or a high school letterman jacket. And don’t forget about your cap and gown, too.

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