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Why a Calendar Shoot is a Great Idea

A personalized calendar featuring memories with family and friends is one of my very favorite gift ideas. Not only is it thoughtful and creative, it’s also personal and long-lasting. Plus, it’s affordable, practical, and a gift that anyone and everyone will appreciate.

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Creating a personalized calendar is easier than you think. And depending on your preference, you can go as simple or creative as you want. For a few ideas on designs and making your calendar special, take a look at my suggestions below.

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One really fun idea for prepping a photo calendar is planning a themed photoshoot. With so many holidays and other special occasions throughout the year, it’s pretty fun and easy to dress up accordingly for each month. Think plaid outfits by the fire for December, or your favorite red dress for Valentines Day. Just plan out your selection of outfits beforehand and be sure to bring any props you might have in mind with you.

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You may also want to consider theming each page. For example, add snowflakes to January or pumpkins to October. You can also “theme” each page by use of color or quotes. One more fun idea I have for theming the page—adding a photo or an icon to any important date. Think a photo of your nephew on the date of his birthday or an icon of a four leaf clover to St. Patrick’s Day.

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Putting together a personalized calendar is also the perfect opportunity to rummage through old photos and look back on some of your very favorite memories. And depending on who you’re making the calendar for, you can make sure that their photo is featured often throughout. For example, if you're making a calendar for mom, choose a selection of photos that all have something to do with her—such as you and her getting ready together for your wedding and her sending you off to your first day of kindergarten.

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The layout is another area where you can get creative. Layouts range from a standard wall calendar, to a desk calendar, easel calendar, and more. And depending on what you choose, you can decide if you want one photo per page or multiple.

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Photos are the gift that keep on giving, reminding us of some of our favorite times in life. Having those moments captured is a true blessing, and showcasing those memories with a personalized calendar is a truly thoughtful gift for anyone on your list.

If you’re looking for a bit more inspiration on what makes photos so special, be sure to check out my recent post: The Gift That Keeps On Giving - Why Photoshoots Make a Great Gift. And if you’re looking to schedule a photoshoot so you’ll have new or themed pictures for your calendar, check out my post: Free Photoshoots by Justin Too Creations, where I give more details about providing you a free trial session. Plus as always, feel free to contact me about any questions you may have.

I hope I’ve inspired you to move forward with creating your very own personalized calendar, and can’t wait to help you with creating some wonderful photos.

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