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What to Wear for your Christmas Photoshoot

I know it can be a daunting task to coordinate outfits for your whole entourage, but the good news is I have a few simple tips to get you all looking great for your Christmas photoshoot!


There’s no need to make everyone match. But what you can do instead is to coordinate and complement everyone’s outfit. Usually, this is done with an accent color, like a nice magenta or golden yellow. You can also complement each other with pieces of clothing or accessories (like a hat, a bowtie, or even socks!).


Don’t have too many different colors highlighted in your outfits. The safe bet is to choose one or two accent colors and a neutral palette of colors as a backdrop for it. You might try a vibrant magenta color with a cream backdrop, for example. Just be sure to use your accent color sparingly.

Image courtesy of pinterest.com old navy.


During the warmer months, it’s too hot to wear layers, but for the cooler months of Fall and Winter, it’s the perfect time to bundle up to not only stay warm, but also to look classy! Think scarves, tights, cardigans, and blazers.


Don’t forget to add your own personality into the occasion! Necklaces, watches, and scarves are a few easy accessories to showcase your personality.

#5 ASK US!

If you have any lingering doubts or questions, or have exhausted Pinterest for inspiration, please feel free to connect with me! I’d love to help you look great for your Christmas photoshoot!

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