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Why Bouquets Are a Big Deal for Weddings

Choosing flowers for your wedding is one of the most fun aspects of wedding planning. And summer has so many beautiful blooms to offer. From table arrangements to boutonnieres, flowers add a dash of beauty wherever they go, but today I'm paying a little extra attention to the flower's main attraction—the bride's bouquet.

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Having the bride carry a bouquet is a tradition that dates back centuries. (Psst it all started in the 1600's—believed to ward off spirits, and to promote lust and fertilization! Bouquets included herbs, spices, and even garlic.) But nowadays, it's most common to use fresh flowers, which adds an extra dose of color and personality to her attire—making for the most beautiful bridal accessory. And to help you find inspiration for your summer bouquet, today I'm sharing 9 of my favorite bouquet additions. Whether you envision something big and bold, or timeless and elegant, these blooms are sure to inspire you.

1) Roses

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Fragrant, feminine, and undoubtedly timeless, roses are always a beautiful pick for summer bouquets. Pretty both before and after they’ve fully opened, roses also offer a variety of colors such as pink, red, white, and peach hues. To see more of my favorite variants of roses, be sure to check out these names: distant drums, colette, eglantyne, and sally holmes.

2) Zinnias


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With their bright colors and puffy shape, zinnias make a wonderful addition to any summer bouquet. And whether you decide to add them to a big arrangement, or keep it simple with just a couple of flowers in a mason jar, these blooms are sure to give the feeling of cheer to anyone who crosses their path. Some favorite colors for summer include bright yellow, peach, pink, and orange.

3) Greenery

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Not all bouquets require flowers, as greenery is equally as beautiful. Perfect for a botanical or evergreen inspired event, there are plenty of greenery variants to use as a summer bouquet. Consider eucalyptus, palm leaves, italian ruscus, lily grass, and ferns.

4) Lillies

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Extra long stems and a unique trumpet-like shape make lillies one-of-a-kind. They come in a beautiful array of colors including white, pink, yellow, orange, red, and even a deep almost black color. And depending on the bloom, they may also sport stripes or light “freckles”. When designing your bouquet, consider these variants: cala lilies, montego bays, and saltarellos.

5) Snapdragons

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I love how snapdragons grow so upright, creating extra tall blooms. One stem sports numerous flowers, so a small bundle of snapdragons goes a long way—easily sporting a “full” look. Try mixing a few colors together for a cheerful, gorgeous bouquet. Colors available include: coral, pink, purple, yellow, bronze, and cherry depending on the variant you choose.

6) Yarrow

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Yarrow is perhaps my favorite variant of perennials because it can easily mix with just about anything. But with their beautiful array of colors and it’s unique, flat-topped head, yarrows look just as stunning on their own. Yarrows come in colors such as white, pink, lavender, orange, and raspberry.

7) Dahlias

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With a full, layered, and poufy apperance, dahlias make for an extra fun addition to any summer bouquet. They also come in a variety of colors and sizes. Variants with smaller petals include amber queen and snoho doris, while variants with bigger, longer petals include punkin spice and cafe au lait.

8) Succulents

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Whether alone or mixed in with flowers, succulents are a perfect choice for summer bouquets and other arrangements. There are plenty of variants available, but a few of my favorites include burros tail, white knight, and calcareum.

9) Citrus & Other Fruits

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Using in-season fruits in your bouquet is the perfect way to celebrate the season and add dashes of color you may otherwise not find in your flower choices. Personally, peaches, oranges, and lemons, always remind me of summer. Mix a few pieces in with your flowers or greenery for a unique, fun, summer look.

I hope you’ve been inspired for your summer bouquets, and have learned a little more about some of summer’s best flowers. These flowers are sure to make your event all the more beautiful and will stand out so beautifully in all of your photos.

For more inspiration, be sure to check out some of my latest blogs posts, including 33 Must-Have Wedding Photos and The Gift That Keeps On Giving - Why Photoshoots Make a Great Gift. Plus, always feel free to contact me any time so we can make sure you get the photos of your dreams for your upcoming event. I look forward to meeting you and can’t wait to see which flowers you’ve picked.

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