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Why Your Dog Needs to Be in Your Photoshoot

Dogs are so much more than just a pet. They’re members of the family, who love us, protect us, and are remarkably, always happy to see us. Dogs teach us about patience and unconditional love and in my opinion, help complete any family. And that’s exactly why I love the idea of including your furry friend in your photoshoots.

Whether you’re looking to take family photos, engagement photos, graduation photos, and more, there are plenty of fun occasions for a photoshoot with your dog. So today I’m here to share a list of my favorite occasions. Take a look at my list below to get inspired for all the fun ways to include your dog in your photoshoot.

Pet Portraits

You don’t always need a special occasion to have photos of your dog taken. Just because you love them is more than enough reason! Head to your favorite park or other outdoor location for a fun photoshoot, or bring the cameras inside to capture your dog happy in their home. You’ll love having these photos displayed in your home and will smile looking back on them for years to come.

(image credit: Pinterest)

Couples Photos

So many of us are what I like to call “pet parents”, and that’s something to celebrate! Caring for a dog with your significant other requires lots of responsibility, patience, time, and love. So including your pup in your couples photos is a great way to celebrate your little family.

(image credit: Melissajill)

Graduation Photos

I often see graduation photos that celebrate the graduates favorite sport or hobby. But another idea I love for graduation photos is including the family dog. Whether the dog has been in your life since you were a child, has helped you get through some tough times, or is your graduation gift, there’s more than enough reasons to include your favorite pup in your photos.

(image credit: Lovecarmenrose)

Surprise Proposal Photos

Dogs can easily become a part of a proposal, and capturing the proposal along with your furry friend is such a sweet idea. Some ideas that come to mind include having a “Will you marry me” message etched on a tag or tying the ring to the dog’s collar.

(image credit: Ohsoperfectproposal)

Engagement Announcement

Your dog can also get in on the fun with the announcement of your engagement. Whether it’s a solo photo of the dog with the ring, or photos of you all together, this is a fun way to announce and celebrate your engagement.

(image credit: Chelseabollingphotography)

Save the Dates

For adorable save the dates, have a photoshoot with your pup that includes a sign announcing the wedding date. You can even dress the dog up with a bow tie or flower crown for an extra special look.

(image credit: Etsy)

At the Wedding

You may also want to have your dog included in your wedding, giving you the opportunity to have plenty of special photos taken. Consider having your pup wear special attire such as an “I do” sign or a floral collar.

(image credit: Kellysweet)

Pregnancy Announcements

A sign that announces that your dog is about to become a big brother or sister is such a fun way to announce your pregnancy. All you have to do is style the photo to your liking.

(image credit: Pinterest)

Gender Reveal Photos

You can also include your dog with gender reveal photos. I love how this one has a pair of blue shoes on his nose—such a cute idea!

(image credit: Pinterest)

Newborn Photos

When having newborn photos taken of your little one, you  may want to consider having photos of baby and your dog taken together. It’s amazing to see a dog instantly fall in love with a baby, and a photoshoot is the perfect way to capture it.

(image credit: Pinterest)

With Children

As children grow, their dog is often one of their best friends. Consider a photoshoot to capture the bond between the two of them.

(image credit: Pinterest)

Family Portraits

As I said before, dogs are a big part of the family and in my opinion are always welcome into family photoshoots. Whether for the holidays or just because, you’ll love having these photos to look back on.

Pets are such a special part of our lives who deserve to be included, cherished, and remembered. Their unconditional love is unlike anything else, and  I hope that my ideas above have inspired you to include your pup in your upcoming photoshoot.

(image credit: Pinterest)

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