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In Full Bloom: Spring Flowers For Every Occasion

To me, spring is the season of renewal, growth, and a fresh coat of color throughout nature. We start to see blue skies, feel the warmth of the sun, and not only witness a miraculous palette of flowers, but breath in their heavenly scents, too.

Flowers are perhaps the most iconic aspect of spring, and as a photographer, something I love to include in photos. No matter what your favorite type of bloom may be, flowers are an easy way to add beauty to any photo, and today I’m here to talk about 10 of my favorite spring flowers. Whether you envision yourself wearing a flower crown at your engagement photoshoot, frolicking through a field with your best friend, or holding the most beautiful bouquet inside your new home, these spring flowers are sure to inspire you.

(image credit: Stylemepretty)


spring flowers, lilacs

Lilacs are only around for a few short weeks in spring, and I recommend getting your hands on them if you can. Their bright purple hue is both elegant and stunning, and they’re also extremely fragrant.


spring flowers, poppies, poppy, champagne bubbles
(image credit: Floretflowers)

Blooming from spring to midsummer, champagne bubbles are a beautiful variety of Iceland poppies. They’re available in hues of orange, white, yellow, pink, and scarlet.


spring flowers, peonies, coral charm
(image credit: Blogspot)

Coral charms are a variety of peonies with a coral-peachy hue. What I love about them is that the blend of colors reminds me of a beautiful spring sunset


bowl of beauty, peonies, spring flowers
(image credit: Bluestoneperennials)

I recently learned about bowl of beauty—a unique variety of peonies—and fell in love. They have rosy pink outer petals plus a cream colored center. The combination of the two colors is truly amazing.


tahiti, tahiti flowers, daffodils, spring flowers
(image credit: Bluetoneperennials)

Tahiti’s are a variety of daffodils, that have big, bright yellow petals as well as a red center. Plus, their stems are long and thick, which add an extra pretty dose of green.


canterbury, spring flowers
(image credit: Flora-sg)

Canterbury flowers are described as resembling bells and I love how they naturally grow into such a unique arrangement. As far as colors, they come in white, pink, blue, and purple.


ranaculus, spring flowers
(image credit: Carlaston)

Ranunculuses feature long stems, petals with a ruffled texture, and a variety of colors. Something I love about them is that they look beautiful fully bloomed and also when they aren’t quite open yet. Plus they have a long vase-life, often exceeding 10 days.


hyacinth, spring flowers
(image credit: Bloglovin)

Hyacinths are amazingly fragrant and can last anywhere from 7 to 10 days in a vase. They also come in the most beautiful colors including dark purple, lavender, magenta, white, azure, sky blue, apricot, and light yellow.


tulips, spring flowers
(image credit: Pinterest)

To me, tulips are a true representation of spring. Just the sight of them reminds me of the season. They come in multiple varieties and as you can see above, plenty of beautiful colors.


anemone, spring flowers
(image credit: Stylemepretty)

Anemones are long lasting , having about a 10-day vase life, and come in a variety of colors. While their petals can range from white to pink or red, they always come with a dark center, creating the most beautiful contrast.

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