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6 Fun Reasons for Photos this Year

Ah... a brand new year and its endless possibilities! Whether you're going to be celebrating a special life event or just looking for a good time, here's a list of 6 fun reasons for photographs with your loved ones this year.

1 - Celebrating your kids

A new year means another year of life and another year older for our kids.

So whether you're a new family or a growing one, there's always reason to celebrate the kids in your life. Make a big deal of your little ones - including your dogs, cats, and other pets - because they won't stay small forever.

Our Children Photography

Capture the growing personality of your children and don't forget that while your child is becoming something tomorrow, he or she is already someone today. And that's worth remembering! Whether it's their birthday party or "just because", a photo of your adorable child will look great framed on the wall or in your photo album to look back on forever.

Kahili's Husky Party

2 - Warming-up with Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a time filled with love and romance and makes for the perfect photoshoot opportunity in-between fun Valentine's Day activities with your significant other. Let's make this year's day of love one to remember as we cap off Winter with a warm note of love and joy! (Remember gentlemen: Valentine's Day is every February 14th. Ladies, you're welcome.)

Venegas Engagement

3 - Springing in with flowers

Spring is the season of renewal, growth, and a fresh coat of color throughout nature. We start to see blue skies, feel the warmth of the sun, witness a miraculous palette of flowers bloom, and enjoy their heavenly aromas too.

This spring time, let's make it a point to go outdoors and enjoy the blooming flowers as a backdrop to our memories, whether you're celebrating a wedding engagement or another special occasion or just want to take some fun family photos.

Hennings Engagement

4 - Treating mom on Mother's Day

We wouldn't be here without her! So this year let's celebrate our mothers with a fun and thoughtful Mother's Day in May.

There's so many ways to treat our moms from pampering her to preparing a family dinner for her. Our mothers just love spending time with their family, feeling special and appreciated, and having some time off from their usual routines of cooking, cleaning, and chasing the kids around the house!

Irmler Family

5 - Celebrating our graduates

When the time comes to celebrate your soon-to-be graduate’s years of hard work and dedication, a graduation photoshoot is most definitely in order. No matter if they are graduating from high school, college, or even junior high, it’s important to make a big deal out of your graduate’s achievements.

Siddiqi Graduation

6 - Spending time with family

Family is the most precious thing we have so there's every reason to enjoy time together.

There's tons of fun ideas whether your family enjoys time at home or undertaking outdoor adventures. Or perhaps you just want to enjoy time with your grandparents and hear their countless inspiring stories. Whatever your choice of activity, remember to capture some photographs so your fun times can live on through the generations.

Krecji Family

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